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摘要:千珍堂拍卖精品推荐湖北省造(本省)光绪元宝库平七钱二分 Recommendation of Qianzhentangs Auctions of Excellent Goods-7-2 cents for Guangxuyuan Treasury in Hubei Province 湖北省造光(本省)绪元宝的版别,钱面:珠圈内满汉文光绪元宝,圈外上环湖北省,下


Recommendation of Qianzhentang's Auctions of Excellent Goods-7-2 cents for Guangxuyuan Treasury in Hubei Province


The edition of Xu Yuanbao of Making Light in Hubei Province, Qian Mian: Manchu-Chinese "Guangxu Yuanbao" in the Pearl circle, Hubei Province in the outer circle, and Kuping Qianbi in the lower circle, each with one garden and one star. Qianbei: The center is Panlong Tu. The upper and lower rings are in English. It is about the province. In 1894 (the 20th year of Qing Guangxu), the Yinyuan Manufacturing Bureau of Wuchang, Hubei Province, started casting "Guangxu Yuan Bao of Hubei Province" according to the pattern of silver yuan made in Guangdong Province. At the beginning of casting, in order to limit the scope of circulation, the word "province" was added on the back of the coin, that is, the meaning of limited circulation in the province. After trial casting, it was found that the word "this province" was suspicious of adding to the suspicion, so there was no circulation, all destroyed, and the current stock is very rare. In 1895 (21 years of Qing Guangxu), the Yinyuan Bureau of Wuchang, Hubei Province formally cast the "Guangxu Yuan Bao of Hubei Province", which is now widely survived. The casting time is long, the casting quality is sufficient, and the casting quantity is so large that it is circulated to all provinces in the country and is deeply loved by the people. The collection is exquisite in appearance, unique in aesthetic style, and the integration of Manchu and Han cultures can be seen on the front of coins, while Qianbei clearly indicates the intervention of Western cultures. Its pulp into the bone, ripe and natural, deep typing mouth clear, circulation traces obvious, edge teeth clearance, dragon scale clear, has a very high investment value and collection value. It is a revolutionary cultural relic with high value and profound historical Memorial significance. It is also a rare object in Archaeology and research of Chinese history and culture. The market is scarce. It is a rare currency. In recent years, the market for collecting coins is very hot. Therefore, this coin has very high collection and investment value.


Made in Hubei Province, Guangxuyuan Treasury is divided into seven dollars and two cents.


Guangxu Yuanbao was one of the currencies circulated during the period of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. Zhang Zhidong, governor of Guangdong and Guangdong provinces in Hubei, took the lead in introducing British coin machines to mint silver and copper yuan, which were followed by other provinces. There are nineteen provincial bureaus casting. Except for the central household department, the copper coins cast by local provinces are all inscribed on the upper margin of their fronts. Guangxu Yuanbao is the first large denomination currency circulated in Guangxu year of the Great Qing Dynasty. It is the first circulation currency to introduce overseas technology in China. It also has certain historical significance for today. Beiyang Guangxu Yuanbao Beiyang Longyang belongs to a large series in the history of modern machine coinage in China. Its casting period is very long (from Guangxu 22 years to Guangxu 34 years [1896-1908]). After more than ten years, the coin models have been replaced several times. Even in the same casting year, it is often due to many factors such as repairing, currency materials, technology, factory management, etc. The edition is very complicated. In the Qing Dynasty, silver, paper and copper coins went hand in hand, and new silver coins were issued in Jiaqing, while more gold and silver coins were minted in Guangxu. The Westernization Movement also affected the minting industry. In 1887, Governor Zhang Zhidong of Guangzhou and Guangzhou commissioned the British Minister to order a complete set of minting machines in the UK, and first minted silver and copper yuan in the Guangdong Money Bureau. Since then, the provinces have followed suit and purchased foreign mechanical casting silver and copper yuan. Many coins, including the Guangdong Money Bureau, are ordered from the famous London Birmingham Mint Co., Ltd. The intervention of British big industry has also stained silver coins with Western colors. On the positive side of coins, the integration of Manchu and Han cultures can be seen, while Qianbei clearly indicates the intervention of Western cultures.


Qianzhentang Auction Co., Ltd.


In order to support the Chinese art market, protect and excavate artistic and cultural relics in different periods of China, combine art with economy, excavate the value behind the art of cultural relics, let more people understand the cultural relics, and promote the art with Chinese characteristics to a broader stage.


After many investigations, Chengdu, the administrative, cultural and economic center of Southwest China, which has a large number of folk collections and a good preservation of ancient Chinese culture, was selected as the art collection center. Therefore, after preparation, Sichuan Qianzhentang Auction Co., Ltd. was established.


Sichuan Qianzhentang is mainly engaged in collecting, auctioning, exhibiting and exchanging cultural relics and works of art, aiming at promoting the Chinese nation's culture through various cultural exchange activities, improving the status and influence of Chinese art in the world, and providing a high-level and high-quality collector and institution at home and abroad with a smooth flow of things and their best use. Space for cultural exchange. Sichuan Qianzhentang adhering to the principle of "operating according to law and putting credit first", combines art with economy perfectly with abundant talent advantages, rigorous attitude of audit, exquisite quality of collection and unblocked customer network.


Sichuan Qianzhentang's business scope includes holding large and medium-sized art exchange, exhibition, appraisal, restoration, art information, auction and so on; its art collection category covers Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain of various periods, ancient jade, contemporary jade, diamond private customization, jewelry private customization, ancient books stele, oil painting carving. Sculpture, ceramic jade carving, bamboo and wood tooth horns, golden and bronze Buddha statues, wooden furniture, contemporary crafts, etc.


With the vigorous development of the domestic art market and diversified demand, Sichuan Qianzhentang will open up a special field of category with sustained innovation. It intends to carry out professional special projects such as calligraphy, study, jade, snuff bottle, golden and bronze Buddha statues and contemporary arts and crafts, so as to make positive contributions to refine the aesthetic horizon and guide the special collection.




Sichuan Qianzhentang will also cooperate with large overseas auction companies responsible for sales to expand the collection channels to the world, and build an international art trading platform with high reputation to facilitate the high volume of overseas cultural relics return. Up to now, Sichuan Qianzhentang Auction Co., Ltd. has successfully held many kinds of overseas collectors'special auction, covering Britain, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, Dubai, the United States and other places.

Free appraisal, international auction, quick start

Address: 501 East Hope Center, 333 North Yizhou Avenue, Chengdu, Sichuan

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